Workspace Booker Power App

The start of Level 2 in New Zealand potentially means the end to seven weeks of working from home for many.

But does your workplace have the capacity to welcome your people back into the office whilst maintaining social distancing?

Whilst we’re all used to booking meeting rooms for specific days and times, there’s no capacity for measuring … well, capacity.

How it works

The Workspace Booker uses the power of Microsoft Power Apps combined with SharePoint lists to make it easy for your people to stay safe without having to stay home. 

Simple to use

This simple yet effective mobile app displays available floor spaces in specific rooms in a calendar format for your staff to ‘book in’ where and when they’ll be ‘working in office’.  

Control capacity with ease

Once the maximum capacity for a room on a specific day has been reached, it is removed from display and unable to take further bookings for that time period. 

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