Modern website game-changer for Morrinsville Medical

We often share stories of some of the major project work Enlighten Designs does, but you may not know we also take on small to medium business website development, giving it the same level of care and attention to detail. These "little projects" are very important to us - especially where UX website design and Content Management Systems (CMS) are concerned - as stakeholders are relying on the finished product to keep their livelihood running effectively.

It's a responsibility we don't take lightly.

When Morrinsville Medical Centre came to Enlighten looking for a new website, we were happy to oblige.

The administration team felt their previous solution was no longer suiting the needs and expectations of their back-of-house team or end users. They needed a cost-effective rebuild aimed at bringing their website more in-line with modern standards of design and usability.

Choosing the Right CMS for the Task

After careful consideration, we chose the Umbraco content management system for the website platform. It's flexible, neat and budget-friendly while also offering a high-quality user experience for content management.

This free, open source and Microsoft .NET-powered CMS deals very well with structured content - exactly the type of content Morrinsville Medical would be creating and updating. The content editing tools are very simple and easy to follow, making it an ideal choice for a busy medical practice that has more important things to do than be fussing around with overly complex content management.

The end result is a lean, modern and mobile-first web design and build, with Enlighten turning the project around within a short window and using limited budget. Thanks to close collaboration with the administration team, we also added a few features that made the finished product even better than the initial vision.

Contact Us page for Morrinsville Medical Centre

Content Editing with Ease

As anyone with a website knows, your worries don't end once your website goes live. Entering your content and keeping it up to date and relevant is an ongoing task - but with the right tools and design from the beginning, it should prove to be no more effort than crafting a well-worded email.

With a little training and support, the medical centre administration team performed the content entry for the new website themselves - no easy task and a real testament to how simple the CMS is to use at all levels of expertise.

Leave the Customer Happy

By all accounts, the Morrinsville Medical Centre administration team are very happy with the end results. User experience has been very positive as well, with increased registrations for online health management tools and better workflows for the Contact Us page means the functionality is much improved. Enlighten's suggested features made the site better than first envisaged and managing the content is far easier than the previous system. 

One piece of feedback from a content editor highlighted the ease with which they could remember how to navigate and use the back-end - even after a month or so of not logging in. That's the kind of thing we like to hear.

Enlighten Designs: Helping You Build Your Website

Enlighten Designs has over 21 years of experience delivering high-quality digital experiences to clients, big and small. Our partnerships and in-depth knowledge of content management systems means we can help you choose the right CMS to fit your needs. We even offer a free Alignment session before starting your project to make sure your team are all on board and on the same page. Talk to us today about helping you build a website that works for you.

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