6 Reasons for Using a CMS in 2022

If you're launching a new website or updating your current one, you want it to look polished and professional. One of the best ways to do that is to use a content management system (CMS).  

Read on to learn the top reasons for using a CMS for your website in 2022. 

A CMS acts as the backbone of your digital presence. It's a software that allows you to create and manage content in a centralised location. With a CMS, multiple users can write and publish content without needing a developer to write or change code each time. 

A CMS brings many benefits to the table, such as: 

- More versatility with content

- Cost savings on web development

- A more up-to-date website 

- Consistency across a brand's web presence  

CMS in Action

Decision-makers at Morrinsville Medical Centre realised their website wasn't meeting the back-of-house team or end-users needs or expectations, with limited usability and sub-optimal design standards. So, they turned to Enlighten Designs to help them with a redesign that solved their issues. 

Enlighten chose a CMS described as 'flexible, neat, and budget-friendly' that offered a positive user experience. This CMS enabled staff at the medical centre to easily create structured content, such as blog posts and updates to pages. With simple content management tools, employees could now create new content and publish it without any hassle. 

Morrinsville Medical Centre certainly reaped the benefits of a redesigned website with a robust, user-friendly CMS at its core. Since implementing the new CMS, more patients registered for online health management tools, and the 'Contact Us' page has seen a huge boost in functionality. In addition, employees praised the ease of navigating and using the CMS's back-end, which allows them to be more productive.

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How would a CMS benefit your organisation?

Easier to Create and Manage ContentAfter implementing a CMS with the help of Enlighten Designs, the staff at Morrinsville Medical Centre was able to easily create and publish content and update aspects of their website. Thus, a CMS makes it easier for people to collaborate on and create content, without coordinating with web developers. 

Minimal Technical ExpertiseSince a CMS provides the framework to publish content without advance technical expertise, users can focus on creating and uploading their content, as the code and formatting are part of the software. This is why employees at the Morrinsville Medical Centre were able to update their website on their own. 

Faster Than Relying on a Developer - With a CMS, you don’t have to rely on a developer to deploy changes to your website, whether you hire one in-house or out-source the work. Updates can be made quickly and promptly. After the Morrinsville Medical Centre had switched, they saved time by updating their website as changes were required or new services were added, making their web presence more relevant and helpful for their community.  

Affordable Customisation - Another benefit of a CMS is that it's easier and more cost-effective to make changes to your site simply because you're in control. Not only did Morrinsville Medical Centre save time by implementing a CMS to manage their content, but they also saved money not having to pay a developer every time they wanted to make changes. In some cases, using a CMS could even mean saving on a full-time developer position, which is a very significant cost saving.  

Ease of Collaborating on Content - A CMS allows more than one person to add content or make changes to a site. At Morrinsville Medical Centre, people with expertise in different areas could contribute to that part of the site, making the content more correct, relevant, and timely than if one content creator had to develop all parts of the site. 

Increased Customer Interactions - A consistent and up-to-date web presence because of a CMS then ties into increased interactions with customers as it can streamline processes and improve the usability of your website. Morrinsville Medical Centre has seen more patients using their site since they implemented the CMS. Not only does that increase the efficiency and usefulness of this resource, but it can also increase their revenue when more patients sign up for services that will benefit them. In particular, the "Contact Us" page's increased functionality has led to more interactions with those who use the Centre and more questions answered easily rather than a struggle to navigate the system.  

Not sure where to start?

We can help you implement the right CMS for you in 2022 and beyond, just like we radically improved the way Morrinsville Medical Centre served their community. Get started on your CMS journey today

Get started on your CMS journey today!

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