Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends for 2020

2020 has been an incredible year for mobile app development so far, with some creative, cutting-edge advancements within this field. These mobile app trends won’t just have an impact this year; expect 2020 to be the harbinger of longer-lasting change.

Here are seven mobile app trends that are making the biggest impact this year.

What Are the Top Seven Mobile App Development Trends for 2020?

There are seven mobile app development trends for 2020: 

  • IoT
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented Reality
  • Blockchain
  • Mobile wallets 
  • Apps for wearable devices 
  • Accelerated mobile pages



IoT stands for ‘Internet of Things,’ meaning that networked devices can collect and send information to a server without the need for human intervention. IoT is still an emerging technology, yet it’s had a huge impact since its development. 

How does IoT affect mobile app development as well as mobile app trends? Because there are more and more IoT devices out there, there’s a greater need to control them. To control IoT devices, you can use remote control or you can use a mobile app; mobile apps are more convenient and user-friendly, so you can expect to see a rise in apps for IoT devices this year. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad field of technology that includes machine learning (the ability of a machine to learn without being programmed to do so). With applications of AI everywhere, it isn’t particularly surprising that it will play a greater role in mobile app development. 

There are a couple of ways to use AI within mobile app development. The first way is to build AI into the app itself, so it can predict what the user will do next. Imagine an e-commerce app that could suggest products based on what customers have already bought; the opportunity to upsell or cross-sell is enormous. 

AI is also used in the mobile app development process itself. AI can review previous mobile app development procedures to determine what went wrong and how to avoid problems when creating new mobile apps. 


Augmented Reality 

‘Augmented reality’ (AR) means that you’re integrating digital information with your physical environment, in real time. A great example of this is Pokémon Go. It created a rich, immersive experience for users, and it was fun to play. 

Why will AR become one of the top mobile app trends in 2020? The technology powering AR is becoming better and better. Additionally, users are realising just how great it is to use an app featuring AR. There are a number of compelling use cases: 

  • Providing remote support – A technician with a wearable device could ‘look at’ the problem and fix it.
  • Better m-commerce – An app could show you how a product works so customers see a demo of its benefits.
  • Increased sales – A mapping app could contain information about shopping and tourist attractions, boosting the number of visitors.



Blockchain refers to a tamper-proof digital ledger. The most popular application of blockchain has been in cryptocurrency. However, blockchain has a role to play in mobile app development. 

The reason blockchain is such a great fit for mobile app development (and the reason it’s on this list of mobile app trends) is because it provides security, transparency, and efficiency. Here's an example to illustrate: suppose you’re making a large purchase. The purchase isn’t finalised until both parties agree on the terms via a smart contract. Once the terms of the contract have been met, neither the buyer nor seller can claim that there was any sort of deceit.



Mobile Wallets 

Another one of the mobile app trends in 2020 is mobile wallets. This trend stems from the popularity of e-commerce, which is now becoming m-commerce as more people use their mobile devices to buy online. 

The biggest benefit of mobile wallets is that they’re convenient; they make the user experience smoother and more enjoyable. Additionally, they’re very secure; mobile wallets keep users’ money safe, and more and more online retailers are accepting mobile wallet payments because they’re faster and safer.


Apps for Wearable Devices 

The use of wearable devices will also grow in the coming years. They’re small and portable, and they’re also connected to the internet. Wearable devices are similar to mobile devices in that you can also download apps to them, and they can run these apps.  

As the wearable device market continues to flourish, mobile app developers should pay attention to this as one of the mobile app trends – not just of this year, but perhaps of the decade. Apps for wearable devices will allow users to perform activities even more easily because they no longer have to take out their mobile phones to use apps. 


Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are another of 2020’s mobile app trends. An AMP is a faster version of a mobile web page. AMPs load faster so that users don’t get frustrated and abandon the site altogether. Moreover, AMPs give you a boost in search rankings, as Google favours sites that load faster.


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