Enlighten Designs likes to make sure your business and your customers are focusing on the right content. This is achieved by having a clear, well defined digital strategy. 

Every website, mobile application or service starts with a clear strategy. The strategy should define the objective, the vision for the solution or service in the future and what it and its content is there to achieve. Enlighten Designs works with you and your stakeholders to gather user, business and marketing goals and shape them into an agreeable, well defined digital strategy.
Enlighten Designs are experienced in helping businesses develop a strategy for something new, a re-development and things completely out of the ordinary.

Examples we have developed for previous clients of Enlighten Designs include Website strategy, Channel strategy & User Experience strategy.

We keep the users at the core of everything Enlighten Designs does, and digital strategy is no different. We make sure your strategy is the right fit for your internal stakeholders and meets the goals of users both inside and outside of the organisation.

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