Enlighten Designs offer SMS services via our on-going partner arrangements with the major New Zealand Telecommunications providers – Spark, Vodafone and 2 Degrees.

Whether you are looking for a pre-built SMS system for marketing or direct messaging purposes or a custom SMS solution integrated with your line-of-business applications Enlighten Designs can deliver.

Vadmin SMS Modules

Vadmin TXT Chat - Allow your target audience to make instant and direct contact. With Vadmin TXT Chat incoming SMS messages are presented in a familiar web-based interface and can be easily searched, flagged, or responded to.

Vadmin Draws - Create competitions or promotional draws within moments. Draws are used for promotions where there is no correct or incorrect answers. Users TXT a keyword to your SMS number (shortcode) and will immediately be returned a customizable success message. At any stage during the draw, or after it has closed, the administrator can select any number of winners randomly from the entries. Vadmin Draws can also be used for simple keyword response workflows.

Vadmin Competitions - Participants are required to TXT a key word and/or an answer. Once a competition answer has been received from a participant a response is sent confirming that the message was received, and whether the answer was correct or incorrect (if applicable). Winners can be generated from correct answers, incorrect answers, a combination of the two, or even selected manually. Vadmin Competitions can also be used for simple keyword response workflows.

Vadmin Polls - A simple and effective solution or SMS based voting and polling. Vadmin Polls supports unlimited answers with responses presented within graphs with swatches of poll answers with percentages, as well as full table data of votes per hour.

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