Recruitment Process

So you've seen your dream job advertised and have decided to apply!

Upload your CV and a cover letter to explain why you believe you’re right for the job. From here you’ll get an email outlining whether you’ve made it through the first round of screening or not.

Phone Interview

The purpose of the phone interview is to get to know you a little better as a person. It generally takes between 15-30 minutes and includes screening questions about your experience and qualifications. We’re also interested in what you are looking for in a position and the type of employer or organisation you want to work for.



If you have applied for a developer role and made it past our initial screening we will send you a link to complete a coding challenge via codility. This helps us assess your skill by testing your code online. You’ll have 2 hours to complete 3 different tasks. There isn’t a set score you must pass as we look at your understanding of the task and how you completed it, not just if you completed the task successfully.



This means that, out of all the initial applicants, you stand out as someone that might have what we’re looking for. Well done! Generally, shortlists contain about 8-10 candidates that we want to find out more about because they match some or all of the criteria for a particular role. If you’ve made it to the shortlist, we will email you to organise a time for a skills interview.


Skills Interview

In our developer roles this interview tests your technical knowledge, problem solving skills and creativity. You’ll have up to 2 hours to read, review and write code on a number of programming puzzles. This helps us find really great developers that not only have the skills for the role but the talent and attention to detail needed to create innovative solutions.

For other roles this interview usually asks behavioural based questions (think the STAR method) about your previous skills and experience. There will also be an activity to assess your competency in the skill areas critical for the role you have applied for. Now that we’ve met you face to face, we’ll contact you personally via phone to let you know how you went. If you haven’t made it through this round, we offer useful feedback to help you get the edge you need to be successful in future.


Values Interview

The purpose of the values interview is to explore what your values are, how these influence your work, and how these align with our company values. This interview is about exploring your past experience, and uncovering your aspirations for the future. We also discuss in more detail the role you are applying for and the company culture. The interview itself should take approximately 45-60 minutes and will likely be conducted by the Hiring Manager or HR Manager, and a member of the team you would be working in.


Psychometric Testing

For some of our roles we do psychometric testing. This gives us insight into how you think, what sort of team member, leader or sales person you might be, how you interact with others, and/or how you handle pressure. As with all of the stages of the recruitment process this is just a piece of the puzzle. The test will be sent to you via email and the results will come directly to the HR Manager.


Reference Check

By the time we get to references we have narrowed things down to one or two candidates for the role. We need to discuss your employment history with a past or present manager, which is why we ask for two references. Ideally, it would be great to talk to your current manager but we understand that you might not be keen to advise them of your plans to move on just yet.


Meet the Team

Once reference checks are done and your past managers have had the chance to tell us how awesome you are, we invite you in to meet the Enlighten team to give you a chance to meet some of the people you’d be working with and see if this feels like the right place for you. It’s also a great way of breaking the ice so your first day in the office won’t seem so daunting.



Congratulations! Looks like you've got the job - or at least we'd like to offer one to you. At the offer stage you'll be contacted by the Hiring Manager or the HR Manager to discuss the terms of your employment. We will discuss salary, benefits, start date, and all the things you need to clear up before you begin in your new role. Once you've accepted, the HR Manager will organise your induction and send any information you need to make your first day successful.