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We are a human-centred design and technical agency.

Enlighten Designs was founded on a passion for people and to deliver agile, human-centred technology solutions from the shores of New Zealand to the rest of the world.

Digital transformation is upon us

Business is having to change fast, and staying on track is going to be tough. 

Enlighten Designs are here to help with your digital transformation.


Our services.

Our services encompass a wide range of specialisations. At our core we are focused on providing user-centered technical solutions.

  • LIC is one of the largest farming cooperatives in New Zealand, formed to improve the prosperity and productivity of farmers. They wanted to transform paper-based herd management by developing a smart, comprehensive mobile app that enabled farmer’s to manage their herd from the palm of their hand.

    Together we crafted the MINDA mobile app, empowering farmers to quickly and easily manage the health of their herd and make critical on-farm decisions wherever they were. With 3,500 farmers using the MINDA mobile app every month, it has become an essential tool for its users.

  • Waikato District Council (WDC) is committed to creating a district that prides itself on economic excellence, local participation, and sustainable communities. They sought to improve the usability of their website to transform the customer journey into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

    After completing an intensive user experience phase, we built a modern and responsive website that leveraged their existing data sets. Now users have a single point of contact with WDC that allows them to quickly navigate through the site to complete a task or find the information they need.

  • Wintec is one of New Zealand’s leading institutes of technology. Over 10 years, we have forged a strong partnership, so when Wintec saw they had an opportunity to provide an easier and intuitive online enrolment experience, we were able to help.

    Together, we created a seamless web application experience for students and enabled Wintec’s enrolment team to track the application and offer personalised support if necessary. Since launching more applications are being completed online, causing a drop off in costly paper-based applications. 

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