eDrive is an online driver training company with a mission to make New Zealand's roads safer for every driver. Most drivers lack crucial higher-order driving skills such as visual search, situation awareness, hazard anticipation and risk management.

Research shows that drivers can be trained to improve through video-based traffic simulations, which decreases crash risk. Fleetcoach builds on the success of eDrive, the learner driver training, and creates a self-directed, engaging tool which helps organisations improve driving within their organisation.

Hazard awareness on NZ roads has become an increasing concern for New Zealanders. eDrive's Fleet Coach application is a sophisticated driver training solution that produces real results on the road.

eDrive had an existing application however it was built on an older platform and was becoming increasingly expensive to enhance and maintain. It no longer created the level of user engagement that was satisfactory to eDrive.

eDrive were also looking to expand their existing customer base and required a complete overhaul of the functionality the product offered.

Enlighten created a new online driver training programme using modern web technologies compatible with more browsers and devices. New trials were added to test reactions, knowledge and awareness. Variation was added so that the users would not lose interest and get bored of repetition. Gamification was added so that users would know how well they were doing, how well they were progressing and where the finish line was.

Clever iconography and short videos make the programme feel less like work, and more like fun as the user intuitively navigates their way through the application quickly and without confusion.  Users felt like they were being coached rather than tested!

The average completion time of the programme has been reduced by 25% and the number of users completing the programme on time has increased by 50%. Users got more time back and there will be less accidents and deaths on NZ roads!