Our Clients

What can we say? We love our clients. And over the years we have worked with hundreds of them, from all over the world.

Here is a sample of just some of those names.

  • LIC is one of the largest farming cooperatives in New Zealand, formed to improve the prosperity and productivity of farmers. They wanted to transform paper-based herd management by developing a smart, comprehensive mobile app that enabled farmer’s to manage their herd from the palm of their hand.

    Together we crafted the MINDA mobile app, empowering farmers to quickly and easily manage the health of their herd and make critical on-farm decisions wherever they were. With 3,500 farmers using the MINDA mobile app every month, it has become an essential tool for its users.

  • Livestock Improvement Corporation Automation (LICA) specialises in manufacturing integrated and innovative in-shed farm automation and sensor technology. With plans to take Protrack Drafter to an international market, they took the opportunity to update the existing Drafter mobile application.

    Together, we enhanced and combined their existing Android and iOS code bases to create a single Xamarin codebase to improve maintainability moving forward. Now, farmers in New Zealand and the United Kingdom have the ability to create and schedule drafts anywhere on the farm.

  • Wintec is one of New Zealand’s leading institutes of technology. Over 10 years, we have forged a strong partnership, so when Wintec saw they had an opportunity to provide an easier and intuitive online enrolment experience, we were able to help.

    Together, we created a seamless web application experience for students and enabled Wintec’s enrolment team to track the application and offer personalised support if necessary. Since launching more applications are being completed online, causing a drop off in costly paper-based applications. 

  • Created by Powerco, The Gas Hub is designed to make connecting to natural gas easy. The Gas Hub site is about making great first impressions with customers. It gives access to useful information and offers the ability to apply for a connection online. 
  • Downer uses world leading insights and solutions aimed to maximise their client’s success in the construction industry. They partnered with us to rebuild their existing electronic forms and improve the functionality of their SharePoint 2010 intranet by migrating to SharePoint 2013.

    During the upgrade, we worked with Downer to provide onsite support that allowed them to build their in-house SharePoint capability and enhanced the structural design of their shared information (information architecture) to improve usability for staff while focusing on making it easier to access important documents and processes.

  • Air New Zealand is the national airline of New Zealand and operates services to 16 countries. Carrying over nine million passengers a year to destinations around the country and around the world requires an efficient organisation leveraging all the advantages technology can provide.
  • Hynds Pipe Systems is New Zealand’s leading manufacturer and supplier of infrastructure products. They wanted to implement a new internal system that all staff could use to effectively manage improvement requests across the organisation.

    Together, we developed their new SharePoint intranet and configured Nintex forms and workflows to capture initiatives, improvements or complaints. The intranet has generated collaboration within the organisation and left staff feeling empowered through the problem-solving process. 

  • Mercury (previously Mighty River Power and Mercury Energy) are electricity generators and retailers in New Zealand. They are committed to providing 100% renewable electricity and they actively trade in the New Zealand Electricity market. This highly competitive market requires traders to have up-to-the-minute data on electricity supply and demand nationwide. Mercury needed a highly reliable desktop application that enabled them to participate in the energy market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mercury partnered with Enlighten due to our expertise in building bespoke solutions and our high level of technical competence.

    Together we built Excelsior, a windows application to help manage trading of energy shares around the country. Energy trading is a fast-paced and highly competitive market that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Decisions need to be made quickly and accurately, and Excelsior enables Mercury to tame the flood of data by providing real time analysis tools. Enlighten have built a reliable and business critical platform to allow Mercury’s traders to make the right decisions, right now.

  • The University of Waikato is committed to providing New Zealanders with a world class education and research portfolio. With approximately 12,000 students, three quarters of whom are under 25, it is important that the University’s webpage is appealing and offers an excellent user experience to attract young people to study at Waikato. Analytics on their website showed that 10% of users accessed the site from mobile devices and this figure was growing steadily. However the in-house University web team lacked the experience with implementing mobile-optimised user experiences needed to transform the existing site.

    Together we redesigned the University’s web site, providing the expertise and experience needed to bolster the skills of the University’s web team. We also consulted on the design of the user experience for the site.  The University now have a mobile optimised web site using responsive design principles for their web team to manage.

  • New Zealand Home Loans (NZHL) is dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals. They saw an opportunity to transform the customer experience by using technology to make their sign up process for customers an easier and more intuitive process.

    Through workshops and collaboration, we worked closely with NZHL to truly understand where we could make the process simpler and engaging. Through this discovery, we were able to consolidate nine existing sign up forms into a single web application. Now, customers only have to enter information once, and the time it takes to become a customer has significantly reduced.

  • Waikato Regional Council (WRC) is committed to building a Waikato region that has a healthy environment, a strong economy, and vibrant communities. Their existing approval process for water resource allocations was time-consuming and high-risk due to the manual nature of the work and the large data sets.

    Together, we created a web-based software application that analysed and displayed WRC’s data and forecasted water resource allocations. Now, WRC can visually discover trends and patterns within their data, helping make accurate and valuable decisions for the future. 

  • Waikato District Council (WDC) is committed to creating a district that prides itself on economic excellence, local participation, and sustainable communities. They sought to improve the usability of their website to transform the customer journey into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

    After completing an intensive user experience phase, we built a modern and responsive website that leveraged their existing data sets. Now users have a single point of contact with WDC that allows them to quickly navigate through the site to complete a task or find the information they need.

  • Unison is focused on delivering a world-class electricity and fibre network services. They saw an opportunity to provide their clients with easily accessible, up to date and accurate power outage information.

    After completing extensive user experience workshops, we worked closely with Unison to develop a responsive website outages tool that focused on providing clients with previously unavailable network outage information and restoration times. Now, clients can engage with Unison easily and access the information they need, leading to a 20% decrease in fault calls to the Unison call centre.

  • Te Wananga o Aotearoa are dedicated to providing holistic education opportunities throughout New Zealand. Transitioning their website to Sitecore, enabled them to improve the customer experience by personalising the website’s interactions, but they needed some help to upskill their internal team.

    Alongside Te Wananga, we upskilled their in-house team and improved the structural design of their Sitecore CMS to enhance the usability and improve the overall experience of the CMS. By leveraging the power of Sitecore, Te Wananga is one step closer to delivering a personalised and engaging website for their users.

  • Genesis Energy has New Zealand’s largest electricity and gas customer base. They generate electricity using diverse methods including gas and coal fired thermal generation and eight hydro power stations and have a 31% stake in the Kupe Joint Venture which owns the Kupe oil and gas field. Managing 650,000 customer connections and diverse industrial generation and extraction sites around the country and keeping staff feeling connected to the organisation requires an efficient modern content management system for their intranet.

    Genesis worked with us to migrate their dated intranet content management system to SharePoint. The intranet’s contemporary look and feel encouraged users to explore, giving a sense of connectedness through news, events and job vacancies. We have also surfaced power generation and customer activity statistics to empower decision makers within the business. Genesis now have a modern intranet built on the power of SharePoint 2013 and they are able to manage content, forms and workflows themselves.

  • eDrive is an online driver training company with a mission to make New Zealand roads safer for every driver. Together, we created a self-directed, engaging online driver training program to help organisations improve driving within their organisation.

    The vision was to make the programme feel less like work, and more like fun, allowing the user to intuitively navigate their way through the programme quickly and easily. Now the average completion time of the programme has been reduced by 25% helping users get back on the roads quicker and safer.

  • Parininihi ki Waitotara (PKW) is a Maori Incorporation in the business of innovative and sustainable farm management. To protect, manage and invest their shareholders’ assets they wanted to develop a land management system that would manage the leases of their farms and track the rent review cycle.

    Together, we worked through their processes to create a robust land management system that was easy to use, allowed exportation of invoices and generated accurate data to ensure there was no inaccurate invoicing. 

  • Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association are committed to providing the best learning opportunities for young children by bringing together teachers, parents, whanau and the wider community. After seeing the power of SharePoint, they decided that it would be a valuable tool to aid administration and collaboration within their organisation. To keep costs in check they used academic licensing to purchase an Office 365 SharePoint tenancy. They then sought thought and technical leadership in order to ensure they were successful in their efforts.

    We collaborated with their staff to provide Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association with thought leadership in structuring their sites and the services provided by the sites. We provided some training and guidance to allow staff to build upon the underlying structure, and we implemented an invoicing portal to help coordinate invoicing across their 26 kindergartens. Workflows and security implementation ensured all invoicing approval processes were followed and no one had access to invoices they weren’t directly involved with. We also provided them with ongoing support to ensure they’re getting the most out of their investment.

  • Dimension Data uses the power of technology to help organisations achieve great things in the digital era. They sought to improve the overall user experience by making it easier for their clients to engage with them and request their services.

    Together, we crafted a custom portal experience that displays a catalogue of infrastructure services. This gives Dimension Data’s clients a way to easily manage their available infrastructure services, the usage of their environment and request additional services at their leisure.

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