WEL networks created OurPower, a fully automated power retailer with the mission to deliver simple, cheap power to the community and the vision to end energy hardship in the Waikato. OurPower utilises developing technologies and partnerships with community organisations to achieve these. 
Enlighten worked with OurPower to completely overhaul their brand then went on to redevelop the main user-facing public site and portal to offer new features and a better customer experience.  The other site that makes up the platform is the administrative ‘back office’, giving OurPower the ability to resolve issues with customers on a daily basis. The platform integrates with a backend system at WEL that updates the national electricity registry.

The platform is clean, simple and gives OurPower the ability to bill, receipt, switch, disconnect and reconnect via automation, and they pass on the savings to the customer. A truly altruistic energy supplier!

Dive into OurPower with our 2020 Innovation Showcase vid
Visit  ourpower.co.nz →
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