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In the early days of New Zealand’s COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown, Enlighten Designs partnered with Waikato’s regional economic development agency Te Waka, to build a web presence for local SMB’s to reach out and receive advice in only four days.
Funded by Hamilton City Council, a team of seven took on the challenge to build an online presence for Waikato Business Support using Umbraco, a free and open source platform.While a site of this size would normally be a 3-6 week process, both parties agreed to sidestep most of the approvals and instead work parallel on tasks in order to pull everything together in only four days, ensuring the information was available as soon as possible for local businesses.

The outcome was an extremely fast turnaround. Thanks to the collaborative aspects of Microsoft Teams, the dedication of our Enlighten team and advanced agreement from Te Waka to make approvals as light speed, the website was launched less than a week from being notified about the opportunity. 

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