Should there be an app for that? Let’s find out.

Our user-centred discovery approach will accelerate an idea to a tangible, market validated concept. With a road map to deliver.

This fast–moving engagement is designed to give businesses a clear view of an opportunity. By understanding business, technical and user requirements, we test ideas and validate assumptions quickly and early.

Before you make any costly investment into development let us help you transform your idea into a tangible market tested solution.


Enlighten Designs ACCELERATOR DISCOVERY & DESIGN will help you:

  • Validate an idea for an app, website or other digital service.
  • Build momentum for a startup by uncovering business, technical, and user requirements.
  • Understand your users and rapidly test out ideas with low-fidelity interactive prototypes.
  • Supercharge your funding applications with a market tested concept and road map to deliver.
Accelerator Discovery & Design Brochure

What you can expect from this engagement.

A bespoke research and design project in which our Business Analysis & User Experience experts will engage with you and your customers to create a series of ‘ready to go’ deliverables.

  • Illuminate workshop
  • Discovery kick-off workshop
  • Market analysis
  • Requirements gathering
  • User research
  • I.A. & User-flow
  • Wireframe design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Usability testing & design iteration
  • Design look and feel exploration
  • Stakeholder and user workshops
  • Success Measures
  • User validated concept presentation
  • High-level user stories
  • Documented features
  • User personas & high level user journeys
  • User tested concepts with interactive prototypes
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