Build stunning reports & push the capabilities of Power BI

Our one-day workshop is designed to help you analyse your data in a rich and compelling way using Microsoft's Power BI


Our Dashboard in a Day workshop is a great opportunity to evaluate Power BI’s ability to meet your organisational requirements, or simply learn how it can help increase your efficiency and make a greater impact on the work you do every day. 

This workshop can be delivered either face-to-face or virtually by our Data and Analytics team. We’ll be your guide on the day and will provide you with a trial tenancy environment to get the full Power BI experience.

In our workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Connect to, important and transform data from a variety of sources
  • Define business rules and KPIs
  • Explore data with powerful visualisation tools
  • Build stunning reports and live dashboards
  • Share dashboards with your team and business partners, and publish them to the web

As the name implies, you’ll walk away from the workshop with a working Power BI dashboard and a deeper understanding of the core concepts of Power BI.

This course is suitable for all skill sets – from Power BI newcomers to those that are a little more clued up – there’s still knowledge to be gained from the day.

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