Want a user-friendly way to share information fast?
We can help.

When responding to high alert situations, no matter the nature, your organisation needs to focus on speed, accuracy and consistency. Time is crucial and people want accurate, consistent information delivery.

The cloud-based Response Management Solution gives you the tools you need to deliver up-to-the-minute notifications on internal company news, give answers to frequently asked questions and share access to important information such as specific policies, protocols and key contacts.

A combination of existing templates and our expertise will get your Response Management Solution up quickly and smoothly to help you meet challenges head-on.

Enlighten Designs Response Management Solution will help:

  • Employees report their work status (eg. working from home) and make requests.
  • Managers coordinate across teams and the Executive to track status across the organisation.
  • Administrators push news, updates and content specific to the organisation and provide emergency contacts specific to different locations.
  • Link the organisation to up-to-date information from reputable sources via social media feeds.

What you can expect.

A rapid-response cloud-based solution that combines capabilities of Power Apps, Power Automate, Teams and SharePoint. It can be used on the web, mobile or in Teams.

  • Prerequisite checklist
  • Conform with your O365 Branding
  • Solution templates
  • Training for content owners 
  • SharePoint Response Management Hub
  • Response Management Power App
  • Response Management Admin App
  • Centrally managed Teams channel

Let our experts join yours in building a Response Management Solution that sets you up as a strong leader in unprecedented times.

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