Looking to tune up your existing SharePoint Online but don’t know where to start? We can help with that.

SharePoint Online is your organisational ‘engine’, giving your employees the power to undertake complex collaboration whilst maintaining curated and customised content management and tight security.  But just like the engine in your car, your SharePoint Online presence needs the occasional check-up to ensure it’s running smoothly. 

In keeping with the car metaphor, think of our Modern Workplace team as your friendly neighbourhood mechanics and our SharePoint Online Audit package as a warrant of fitness, designed to carry-out an all-points check to revamp and polish your organisational ‘engine’.

Enlighten Designs SharePoint Online Audit will:

  • Conduct a high-level audit of your organisational structures and governance. 
  • Conduct an audit of your SharePoint Online site structures, branding, information architecture, search configuration and any key customisations and integrations. 
  • Interview key users to determine current leverage of existing services. 

What you can expect from this audit:

Clear and thoroughly substantiated advice, recommendations, costs and timeframes to improve your SharePoint Online presence. 

  • Governance and Organisation investigation 
  • SharePoint Online audit 
  • User research via Interviews 
  • Report of recommendations, both provided and presented to stakeholders. 
  • Road map to a recommended future state. 
  • Plan for how to proceed with this in a next phase (project context depending.) 
  • Tiered costing for road map implementation. 


If an expert appraisal of your existing SharePoint Online presence is what you’re seeking, we’d love to speak with you.

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