A comprehensive assessment of a website's accessibility and usability

Our experts will identify any barriers that may prevent users from accessing your site. By conducting an analysis of the website's content and functionality, we are able to identify and provide recommendations for any issues that may impede accessibility.

Inclusive websites provide an improved user experience for all visitors, increased website traffic and compliance with legal and industry standards.

Overall, this service will help businesses understand how they can create an online presence that is inclusive and welcoming to all users.


Enlighten Designs WEBSITE ACCESSIBILITY REVIEW will help you:

  • Provide an overview of how your website stacks up against WCAG accessibility and usability standards.
  • Give you with an understanding on what the accessibility standards are and where it may not be providing users with the best experience.
  • Provide valuable insights as to how your customers see your website.
  • Provide a prioritised list of defined problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

What you can expect from this engagement


  • Detailed report of WCAG errors associated to each page with explanations.
  • Expert recommendations on solutions to the more pressing accessibility and usability errors on your site.
  • Collated list of prioritised and most impactful changes.
  • Findings delivered to you and other participating stakeholders.
If your organisation could benefit from our Website Accessibility Review or any of our other services we'd love to speak with you.

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