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    Website design

    The design of a website isn't just about making it look good, it's about visitors to your site having a positive and engaging experience.

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    Mobile application development

    All mobile applications start from a concept. Creating iPhone, Android and Windows Phone applications for business use starts the same way.

  • User Experience Design Icon

    User experience design

    User experience (UX) design is about listening to, personalising interactions with, and engaging with your customers.

  • Business Intelligence Icon

    Business Intelligence

    Enlighten can help put the information you need at your fingertips, so you can make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

  • Intranet Icon


    SharePoint can provide intranet portals, document management, collaboration and social tools, websites, enterprise search and business intelligence.

  • Custom Development Icon

    Custom development

    Your business has a unique problem that requires a unique solution. We provide complete software development solutions to satisfy all aspects of the product life cycle.

  • Support Icon


    Our digital response offering is a team of technical specialists that are passionate about support, continuous development and iterative improvements.

  • Digital Strategy Icon

    Digital strategy

    Take full advantage of data, insights and strategy to create and execute innovative solutions to reach your business objectives.

  • System Integration Icon

    System integration

    System integration allows you to bridge the gap between your business systems and process to optimise the value of your investments.

  • Database Development Icon

    Database development

    Whether you need to keep track of customers, manage stock, track sales or record transactions, we can build a database system to meet your needs.

  • Form and Workflow Solutions Icon

    Form & workflow solutions

    Electronic forms and workflows can be used to automate common business processes and tasks.

  • Project Server Icon

    Project server

    Project Server helps you align projects and programs with strategic business objectives, manage projects through their lifecycle, communicate progress and issues and leverage integration with Microsoft Office applications.

  • Cloud Services Icon

    Cloud services

    We can provide a diverse range of cloud and hosted services to help you reduce costs, enhance collaboration, increase scalability and reduce time-to-market. 

  • SMS Services Icon

    SMS services

    We offer pre-built SMS systems for marketing or direct messaging and custom SMS solutions that can be integrated with your line-of-business applications.

  • Streaming Video and Audio Icon

    Streaming video & audio

    Live streaming provides audio and/or video files from an online environment, either live of on-demand. We will allow you to deliver high-quality, reliable streaming and rich interactive viewing experiences for your customers.