Enlighten Designs Wins Microsoft Partner Transforming Product Award

18 October 2019

Since the day it was founded, Enlighten Designs’ mission has been to deliver exceptional client value. Our clients find value in delivering digitally transformative experiences to their customers that are personalised, scalable, and intelligent. How do we do it? 

The answer lies in a unique solution Enlighten developed. It brings together the best of Sitecore and Azure, leveraging the latest Microsoft Cognitive Services, AI, and the Dynamics integration. We aim to reinvent the marketing business model for our clients to capitalise on emerging, digital engagement opportunities.


JourneyScore tracks customer satisfaction. Since its creation, JourneyScore has yielded significant business results for users. 

This tool automates the sending of a Net Promoter Score survey to a randomised selection of customer contacts. That’s a much truer measure of customer satisfaction; there’s no bias among survey participants. Instead, they’re selected by an algorithm that weights various customer engagement activities such as meetings and emails. Enlighten customers who have used JourneyScore report saving thousands of dollars because they catch issues much earlier than ever before and address them faster.


Incredible Customer Success Stories in 2019

The Sitecore-Azure integration has yielded some fantastic customer success stories for Enlighten in the past year. The integration fills a unique niche for customers; they previously didn’t have a solution that managed content, automated digital marketing, or provided any meaningful support for e-commerce initiatives. 

One of the customer success stories comes from Te Wananga o Aotearoa, an organisation dedicated to providing holistic education throughout New Zealand. Transitioning their website to Sitecore enabled them to improve the customer experience by personalising the website’s interactions. There was an increase in enrollment thanks to better marketing, as well as improved student engagement due to tailored course recommendations through Sitecore Cortex’s AI capabilities and an intelligent personalisation rule. 

Another success story comes from Gallagher, an animal management services firm. They’re using the latest digital and customer engagement tools to educate farmers on grazing management and to grow the market for Gallagher-branded solutions. Azure data lakes, Power BI analytics, and modern data warehousing are transforming this 80-year-old company. 


The Microsoft NZ Partner Award

On September 16, 2019, Microsoft announced the finalists for its NZ Partner Award. Enlighten was nominated for its work with the Sitecore-Azure integration in the ‘Transforming Products’ category. This category recognises Microsoft partners who have reinvented products, services and business models using digital content to capitalise on emerging revenue opportunities.

Microsoft announced Enlighten Designs winners of this award on October 17 in Auckland. This and our Cloud for Good award are recognising the solutions managed, designed, built and implemented by our incredible team here at Enlighten. They represent the drive for excellence and dedication to building beautiful digital solutions.

Enlighten Designs takes home the Cloud for Good & Transforming Products awards from Microsoft NZ Partner Awards 2019

About Enlighten

For the past two decades, Enlighten has been focused on improving customer experiences for its clients. Our work with Sitecore and Microsoft Azure is crucial to achieving this goal. To learn more, contact us.

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