The Digital Tools Your Business Needs

20 April 2020

In light of the global pandemic of COVID-19, remote work has taken on a new significance. To keep people safe, companies have ordered people to work from home. However, to work effectively, they need digital business tools to smooth the way.

What Kind of Digital Business Tools Do You Need?

What modern workplace tools are the most useful today and in the future?

  • Communication and collaboration tools
  • A set of trusted business applications
  • Mobile applications and business infrastructure
  • Access to authoritative data
  • Productivity tools

(Don’t forget to check out our free downloadable modern workplace tools checklist below to make sure you have what you need.)


Communication and Collaboration

When you can’t be in the office, you still need to be able to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues or even your clients. That communication and collaboration can’t just be limited to phone calls or emails, either. Sometimes, the easiest way to get things done is through a face-to-face meeting, although that’s not always possible.

The communication and collaboration tools you choose should give you the freedom and flexibility to chat, video conference, make phone calls, and send emails. During digital meetings, you should be able to share information such as files effortlessly so that everyone is on the same proverbial page.


A Set of Trusted Business Applications

There is no shortage of apps floating around out there (for mobile and desktop use). You’ll find spreadsheets, collaboration tools, expense reporting apps – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. However, you also don’t know how secure these apps are, nor whether they’ll work properly with your existing set of business applications.

A set of trusted business applications, therefore, is a crucial component of your digital business toolkit. You don’t have to worry about your employees using apps that aren’t secure or that won’t work with your existing infrastructure. Rather, you’ll have apps that do what you need them to do and that won’t threaten the security of your organisation and its data.


Mobile Applications and Infrastructure

Mobile devices are modern workplace tools. Almost everyone has at least one connected device and is using some apps. Those apps aren’t all secure, and they don’t all play nicely with the technology you’ve already got in place.

That’s why you need a set of approved mobile applications (in addition to the trusted business applications mentioned above) as well as the infrastructure to support those apps. When people work remotely or in the field, you can trust that they’re using mobile apps that won’t compromise your organisation’s security; additionally, you have the peace of mind that your infrastructure keeps people productive and effective.

Access to Authoritative Data

The sheer amount of information available today is staggering. Humans are creating more data every minute. Yet, how much of that information can you trust? What data can you rely upon to make better business decisions?

It’s crucial that your workers have access to authoritative data. The information they use should be coming from internal sources that are accurate and up-to-date. As a result, you’ll make better decisions and see improved outcomes.


Productivity Tools

When employees are working remotely or are in the field, how can you help them be their most productive? The answer comes in the form of productivity tools. Yet, not all productivity tools are created equally; they need to integrate into your current digital business toolkit and they need to be secure.

Additionally, they actually need to ensure productivity. That means these digital business tools need to work all the time. They should be easy to use, too, so that people can get work done. Built-in security is a must so that you have peace of mind that your information and systems are protected.


Microsoft Modern Workplace Solutions: Your Digital Business Toolkit

As the workplace evolves, the need for digital business tools has become more critical. To meet those needs, Microsoft developed an integrated technology platform called ‘Modern Workplace’ that enables employees to be productive, efficient, and effective while staying secure.

Modern Workplace addresses three solution areas:

  • Business applications
  • Mobile apps and infrastructures
  • Data and AI


Business Applications

Modern Workplace offers a set of business applications that allow employees to communicate and collaborate securely and effectively. The solution leverages Office 365’s capabilities for co-authoring, sharing, collaborating, and communicating within Microsoft Office, Teams, Skype for Business, PBX, and conferencing.

In addition, MyAnalytics and Power BI deliver insights and intelligence throughout the organisation so you can make data-driven decisions. Several built-in security features mean you can trust your information.


Mobile Apps and Infrastructure

To ensure that your employees can be productive wherever they are, on whatever device they’re using, Microsoft created a universal toolkit for teamwork. Users have access to Outlook for email and calendar, SharePoint for intranet and content management, Yammer to connect employees across the organisation, Office Apps for co-authoring, and Teams for better collaboration.

What supports all of these mobile apps? Azure, Microsoft’s robust and highly secure cloud computing platform, allows them to run properly.


Data and AI

There are two solutions Microsoft offers to help firms manage the influx of information as well as to boost productivity: MyAnalytics and Power BI.

MyAnalytics uses AI to assess your focus, collaboration, and networking efforts, providing you with insights on how to work more effectively. Power BI is Microsoft’s business analytics solution. It offers data visualisations to give you greater awareness of what’s going on with your business. That combination boosts your productivity and helps you make more strategic business decisions.


Enlighten Designs: Helping You Find the Right Digital Business Tools for Your Organisation

For over two decades, Enlighten Designs has assisted organisations in choosing the right technology to make them productive, efficient, and secure. We’re a proud Microsoft partner; we’ve achieved Gold status in the categories of Application Development, Data Platform, and Data Analytics. To learn more about the right digital business tools for you, contact us today to discuss your business needs.

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