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Yeah, we can fix things when they break - and we’ll fix it fast - but there’s more to us than that. We know tech is only useful when it’s serving your business and your goals, so we want to know what’s important to you. Then you can rest easy knowing we’re making sure you get the best out of your existing infrastructure. And if you need something new? We can sort that out for you as well.

It’s not technical support, it’s a technical partnership. So, give us a call. We’re super friendly and, while we may be programmy, we don’t talk programmy.

Some of the things we can do for you:

  • Manage your current system (and even make it better)
  • Manage your website (we can make that better, too)
  • Fix your bugs super quick
  • Build you a fit for purpose website
  • Build you a fit for purpose app
  • Give you good advice on third party licencing
  • Give you good advice on purchasing
  • Give you good advice on anything technical, really

Let’s see how far we can go together. 

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  • Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association are committed to providing the best learning opportunities for young children by bringing together teachers, parents, whanau and the wider community. After seeing the power of SharePoint, they decided that it would be a valuable tool to aid administration and collaboration within their organisation. To keep costs in check they used academic licensing to purchase an Office 365 SharePoint tenancy. They then sought thought and technical leadership in order to ensure they were successful in their efforts.

    We collaborated with their staff to provide Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association with thought leadership in structuring their sites and the services provided by the sites. We provided some training and guidance to allow staff to build upon the underlying structure, and we implemented an invoicing portal to help coordinate invoicing across their 26 kindergartens. Workflows and security implementation ensured all invoicing approval processes were followed and no one had access to invoices they weren’t directly involved with. We also provided them with ongoing support to ensure they’re getting the most out of their investment.

  • Hynds Pipe Systems is New Zealand’s leading manufacturer and supplier of infrastructure products. They wanted to implement a new internal system that all staff could use to effectively manage improvement requests across the organisation.

    Together, we developed their new SharePoint intranet and configured Nintex forms and workflows to capture initiatives, improvements or complaints. The intranet has generated collaboration within the organisation and left staff feeling empowered through the problem-solving process. 

  • Waikato District Council (WDC) is committed to creating a district that prides itself on economic excellence, local participation, and sustainable communities. They sought to improve the usability of their website to transform the customer journey into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

    After completing an intensive user experience phase, we built a modern and responsive website that leveraged their existing data sets. Now users have a single point of contact with WDC that allows them to quickly navigate through the site to complete a task or find the information they need.

  • Wintec is one of New Zealand’s leading institutes of technology. Over 10 years, we have forged a strong partnership, so when Wintec saw they had an opportunity to provide an easier and intuitive online enrolment experience, we were able to help.

    Together, we created a seamless web application experience for students and enabled Wintec’s enrolment team to track the application and offer personalised support if necessary. Since launching more applications are being completed online, causing a drop off in costly paper-based applications. 

  • Created by Powerco, The Gas Hub is designed to make connecting to natural gas easy. The Gas Hub site is about making great first impressions with customers. It gives access to useful information and offers the ability to apply for a connection online. 
  • New Zealand Home Loans (NZHL) is dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals. They saw an opportunity to transform the customer experience by using technology to make their sign up process for customers an easier and more intuitive process.

    Through workshops and collaboration, we worked closely with NZHL to truly understand where we could make the process simpler and engaging. Through this discovery, we were able to consolidate nine existing sign up forms into a single web application. Now, customers only have to enter information once, and the time it takes to become a customer has significantly reduced.

Empower your organisation to go further – together.

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