Enlighten Designs collaborating with Microsoft for data journalism

Last year, Enlighten Designs was proud to begin a collaboration with Microsoft to support a data journalism program designed to take storytelling to the next level. We also led a hands-on lab for media at the Microsoft Data Insights Summit in Seattle last June, which taught press how to use Microsoft Power BI, a data analytics and visualization tool for data storytelling efforts.  

Together with the Microsoft Data Journalism program, we’ve been working with several American-based media organisations to help them learn and use Power BI for data journalism. By using interactive data visualizations built in Power BI, journalists are able to customise and localise their stories to better engage audiences, which also enables readers to explore insights most relevant to them. 
Our rare combination of design skills and tech capability were the main reasons Microsoft chose us to help media outlets shape complex data into simple interactive graphics that visually deliver large chunks of information in a manner that's easy to grasp. 

This project has been a big deal – not just for Enlighten but for New Zealand as a whole. The New Zealand Herald covered our involvement in the article “Kiwi tech company Enlighten Designs works with Microsoft for US data journalism project”. 

We’re excited to be collaborating with Microsoft to help journalists realise the full potential of data storytelling.

For more information on Microsoft’s data journalism efforts, check out their website here.

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