Remote Working Practices

20 March 2020

The COVID19 coronavirus is pushing digital transformation to another level. Conferences and meetings are being cancelled and companies are getting their employees to work remotely. Here are some tips on how you can use thought leadership to support your team when working remotely.

Turn your camera on!

When working remotely, have a daily sync with your team, and feel connected through the visual connection.


Be clear about when you’re “on.”

One of the risks of working from home is that the boundaries between work and life blur into oblivion. 84% of people said they work longer hours while at home than they do in the office. Make sure you and your team establish a realistic schedule for when you’re going to be online working.


Get on top of your apps, tools, and infrastructure.

Be pro-active, can you work from home remotely and have access to everything you need to continue business as usual? Do you need training or procedures put in place to ensure the team is comfortable with expectations? Get in touch and let us know how we can help.


Talk about more than just work.

Make room in your calls with co-workers to talk about things unrelated to the job. Check in with each other to see how you’re feeling or share a funny story about your adventures at home.


Be extra kind in your interactions.

Working from home means battling a new set of distractions - a dog barking, a child wanting attention. If you (or a colleague) needs an extra minute to pull up a document because your kid is tugging at your shirt, exercise patience and understanding!

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