Tell powerful data-driven stories people want to share

With increasingly ubiquitous public access to technology, consumer demand for easy-to-understand and transparent data has transformed the way we tell stories. Data journalism is a powerful communication tool that is highly relevant not only to journalists, but for how today's brands engage their audiences.

In this exclusive webinar release you will learn:

  • how Power BI, Microsoft’s powerful data analytics and visualization tool, can help you create compelling, interactive visualizations
  • storytelling tips and tricks for today’s digital world from the world’s most recognized journalists and media organizations
  • the major trends underlying shifts in storytelling (big data, content marketing, fake news) and what brands can do to address them
  • how top brands like Nascar are using data-driven storytelling to engage their audiences with interactive and highly shareable content. 

Whether for a press release, social media engagement, or internal communications, beautiful data is the future of storytelling.  

You will be hearing from Enlighten Designs' Founder and CEO, Damon Kelly, and Senior Data Insights Lead, Verne Roberts, whose innovation studio has partnered with Microsoft on their Data Journalism Program in collaboration with global media organisations like the Associated Press, and Vox Media.

This webinar was part of a global release by Microsoft on thought leadership through digital transformation of industry. It is available for a limited time only.