Enlightening the Waikato

October 8 2014
Declan ter Veer-Burke and Simon Campbell
Declan ter Veer-Burke and Simon Campbell

Enlighten's Declan and Simon are proud University of Waikato graduates, and a prime example of graduates finding success in their chosen field within Hamilton.

Both were interviewed by the University of Waikato to demonstrate graduate success and both cited similar tools for success that they acquired whilst studying at their local university.

“During the degree I learned a lot about formal terminology and computer science concepts which allows me to communicate with other developers and understand technical concepts quickly” says Simon.

Declan also made the most of the practical projects available during study. "I completed a directed study computer science paper which provided useful experience in learning the vital lesson of how to work with a client to understand their goals and then develop software to fit their requirements. As the project was a team effort, I also had the opportunity to see how other developers code and to work cooperatively with them" says Declan.

You can read the full article on the University of Waikato website