Unison Networks Ltd


Unison is focused on delivering a world-class electricity and fibre network services. They saw an opportunity to provide their clients with easily accessible, up to date and accurate power outage information.

After completing extensive user experience workshops, we worked closely with Unison to develop a responsive website outages tool that focused on providing clients with previously unavailable network outage information and restoration times. Now, clients can engage with Unison easily and access the information they need, leading to a 20% decrease in fault calls to the Unison call centre.

No one likes being kept in the dark. When the power goes out, people want information, and they want it fast. Power outages can be annoying, frightening, and costly.

Unison identified this as a key opportunity to add value to their customers; providing easily accessible, instant, and accurate outage information, as part of an overall project to make their website more customer-centric, and easier to refine and update.

Enlighten worked closely with Unison to understand their requirements and vision, before designing a mobile and user-friendly website and outages tool, providing important information, no matter what device their customers are using.

The outages tool Enlighten developed provides access to an intuitive map containing up-to-date network information sourced directly from Unison’s advanced distribution management system, and also allows customers to notify Unison of outages.

Enlighten employed its User Experience Design, Custom Development and Web Design expertise to develop the package using the highly effective and popular Sitefinity CMS to enable seamless content updates to Unison’s website. The package delivers timely and accurate information to consumers, and a website which is intuitive, easily navigable and user-friendly.

It’s the partnership between Unison and Enlighten which made this achievable. By working together, Enlighten can understand the issues, know the problems and deliver the solution, and it is this approach that has been successful for Enlighten for nearly 20 years.



Unison’s website provides customers with vital network information, and an easy way to engage with the company, wherever and whenever they need.

More than 8,000 customers used the outages tool in the first six months it was implemented and, in the initial three months of the web tool going live, Unison saw a 20% decrease in fault calls to their call centre. In six months from go-live, more than 600 customers used the ‘report an outage’ function and nearly 3,000 online forms were submitted.

Now, when the power goes out, Unison customers are no longer kept in the dark.