Digital disruption - the future is happening faster than you think.

By 2020 ...

85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human.

By 2021 ...

1 in 6 customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI.

- Gartner


There was a time when artificial intelligence was really hard but thanks to digital transformation, that time has now passed.

Cloud services from major vendors like Microsoft have abstracted away much of the complexity of AI, and are offering near turn-key solutions for your unique challenges.

Our team at Enlighten Designs is highly specialised in Data & AI, including solutions based on computer vision, next generation chatbots and digital platforms for marketing automation such as Sitecore.

Sitecore cortex
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AI is disrupting Customer Experience faster than you think

Join our Founder and CEO, Damon Kelly, as he explores how to engage your customers with artificial intelligence.

Captured on-stage at Microsoft's flagship event, Future Now, Damon shares the need and urgency to implement AI solutions, how digital disruption has already changed the landscape of how we interact with customers, and how AI is the latest (and biggest) frontier for customer acquisition with:

  • next generation chatbots
  • personalisation campaigns, and
  • machine seeing. 

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