Telling a story through data is an art form. You need just the right mix of beautiful design, creativity, clarity, and business analysis to bring your data to life. However, once mastered, few forms of communication are as persuasive as a compelling narrative. To this end, the visualization needs to tell a story to the audience.

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Data should be simple and engaging, data should tell a story at a glance, data should be FUN! The aquarium is designed to be on a dashboard screen in a room where everyone can see it and notice changes day to day and empathise with the data to rally efforts. Find out more

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Enterprise BI

If your business has more than one large line of business application, it can be hard to report on data across all of them. Even worse problems arise when two people try to put numbers together, often all that is produced is a set of confused and conflicting results. 

Enlighten can enable you to leverage the Enterprise BI offerings in the Microsoft stack and bring together all of your data sources into a single source of the truth. This puts superb analysis capabilities at your disposal for both reporting purposes and for the ad-hoc questions that are always important for a huge proportion of critical business decisions. Using the same tools you already use every day, you will now have access to all the data your business has available, removing all barriers between you and the information you need to perform effectively.

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As seen at Data Insights Summit and in New Zealand Herald and in partnership with Microsoft and The Associated Press (Huffington Post, Washington Post, New York Times). 

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