Once we have established goals for each service, developed personas and mapped our customer journeys, we can match content to its optimal place in the overall experience.

To do this, a content inventory needs to be created which will:

  • Rank content against: relevancy, brand compliance, SEO.
  • Categorise as: dynamic, static or application, type (image, video) and function.
  • Assign content to a service owner.

We use the inventory to identify content gaps based on personas and journey maps, and match content to the appropriate location, channel and management process.

The purpose of a content audit is to:

  • Create a content inventory
  • Isolate key personas and needs
  • Identify critical gaps
  • Enable consistent channel management matched to content type
  • Consolidate duplicate content
  • Remove unnecessary content
  • Ensure brand compliance
  • Create content governance guidelines
  • Lead nurture through content
  • Create a rich site content experience
  • Create a successful content lead customer journey


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