The Future of Storytelling is Beautiful Data

Every brand has a powerful story to tell. And together we can find and access the data to create, visualize and share it. With technology including Power BI, Power BI publish to web, Azure cloud services, and D3, we can create interactive data-driven stories that resonate with your audience on an emotional level and are inherently shareable for your blog, website or digital workspace.

“Visualizations no longer just complement a written story. In our increasingly data-driven world, they’re becoming a mainstream story form.”

— Alberto Cairo, Knight Chair at the University of Miami, Renowned Data Visualization Professor, Author, Designer & Journalist

Simplify delivery of complex information

Data-driven stories are visual and visualization is one way of communicating vast amounts of information in a way that is easy to understand.

Provide content that is highly shareable

People share interactive content twice as much as passive content.

Meet demands of the marketplace

Done correctly, they are transparent, build trust, and are emotionally engaging.

Improve brand personas by providing a platform for thought leadership

Earned media, tool for top tier recruitment, employee engagement, communicate your corporate vision and values.

“Above all else, visualizations — when done right — are a vehicle of clarification and truth.”

— Alberto Cairo, Knight Chair at the University of Miami, Renowned Data Visualization Professor, Author, Designer & Journalist


Data Journalism

A response to Fake News

As the Delivery Partner for Microsoft’s Data Journalism Program, we are thought leaders in the disruptive model of data-driven storytelling. Check out our work with global media organizations like The Associated Press and Vox Media.

Read about our Data Journalism work

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Live Broadcast TV

Interactive visuals for broadcasters

Broadcast journalism is going through a pivotal transition as data becomes increasingly forefront in reporting. We engage live audiences during television news segments with beautiful on-air visualizations.

Read about our Live Broadcast TV work



Real-time, Emmy-winning coverage

Elections are one of the highest demand scenarios for news outlets. As part of Microsoft’s Data Journalism Program, we have worked closely with major media outlets to cover key elections using real-time interactive visualizations.

See how we assisted in Election coverage

live election coverage 
FoST data journalism

Download our free webinar

As public access to technology has increased, consumer demand for transparent, easy-to-understand data has transformed the way stories are told. Join this worldwide webinar on Power BI, Microsoft’s data analytics and visualization tool.

Data journalism is a powerful communication tool that’s highly relevant not only to journalists, but also for brands to engage their audiences. Whether it’s used for press releases, social media, or internal communications, data visualization is the future of storytelling. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create compelling, interactive visualizations for your brand story.

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A few of our Data Storytelling Clients

Associated Press