We believe passionately that the key to creating best in class online services is working with a partner that is innovative, can collaborate with you and will work reliably.


Our Agile team makeup is focused on providing the right technical skillsets to deliver a successful project increment. The team structure will be carefully selected to enable scaling up or down to match client needs.

We actively encourage collaboration and knowledge dissemination within our client's project teams and project environment. We believe for a project to be truly successful, knowledge sharing and collaborative environments are powerful instruments to foster thought-led software development.


Service Design

Many service organisations are now utilising 'Service Design' as part of their customer experience initiatives to remove customer barriers and pain, while also recognising that 'The Customer Experience' is the means by which consumers perceive their interactions. Furthermore, these perceptions are driven by the functional offerings of the organisation but also are largely influenced by wider emotional needs.

Our Service Design approach will highlight barriers and pain points in the path of your user's journeys. It can be used tactically to provide a structured process to design and test proposed solutions using early, low cost, low fidelity prototyping.

  • goals Goals
  • personas Personas
  • journey-map Journey Map
  • content-audit Content Audit
  • prototype Prototype

Minimum Viable Product

We believe in your strategy for building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as a strategy for avoiding the development of products and services that customers do not want. As we work with you we would look to rapidy build a minimum set of features that is enough to deploy the product and test key assumptions about customer interactions with the product or service.

This is a different approach from the conventional strategy of investing time and money to implement the whole product before verifying whether customers want the product or not. The MVP allows us to test the actual usage scenario in contrast to conventional market research that relies on surveys or focus groups, which often provide misleading results.


Approach to built in QA

Our key to ensuring a high quality standard is by producing a shared Definition of Done. This, combined with techniques such as peer programming, test driven development, unit testing, and automated testing, ensures that reality lines up with expectations.

Quality Assurance and testing is built in to our agile approach and is part of every sprint. At project inception we will define testing strategy, test approaches (based on ISTQB standards), testing responsibilities, timeframes, environmental requirements and how results will be communicated to project members and stakeholders. We have strong testing competencies across tools, web technologies, mobile devices, load, penetration, identity, usability, integration, acceptance and performance areas.

Delivery output measurements

We know people adjust their behaviour based on metrics used to measure their systems and evaluate performance. This mentality ensures performance will naturally flex their efforts to improve those measures. Enlighten Designs understands that measures need to continually evolve and be readjusted.


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