Unlock your businesses growth opportunities and grab your audience’s attention through mobile development. Use your vision for the customer and employee experience to inspire and craft amazing mobile experiences. Work with us to deliver measurable, ongoing results based on a foundation of user experience design and continuous improvement development.

We design and build powerful mobile applications and here’s the thing- we build it once- for all platforms. You don’t need to make a gamble on which platform will pay off most, you can be on all major platforms with Enlighten and Xamarin. We are Xamarin's longest running premier partner with over 4 years experience, giving you confidence that we know what we are doing. 


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Our UX experts will design you a mobile experience that is purpose built to delight your customers and cut through your competition. With Xamarin we build up to 80% of your mobile application using a single code base, and we create beautiful and easy individual UI’s for each platform.

What does this mean for your business?

Increase your customer reach as people switch devices and platforms your app is there waiting for them.

Reduce development cost by not creating individual native apps for each platform; you can more than halve your cost of development as we only need to write code once.

Reduce the total cost of ownership - maintenance becomes easy with automated testing letting you know how device changes impact your mobile experience we can simply make the changes once for everything.

Pivot and change with the market easily - once you launch your mobile application the data starts pouring in, allowing you to make decisions our team of mobile developers can build and change new features in one place saving you time and money.


Mobile White Paper

Multi-platform mobile application development

Assessing the right approach

Selecting a development model for your multi-platform mobile application requires compromise and balance.

There are currently three approaches to developing multi-platform mobile applications:

  • Native Applications
  • Hybrid applications
  • Native abstraction layer


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