SEO content is all about answering questions, and Google will rank you higher if you can answer those questions better than anyone else. To rank high for a keyword in Google, it is more than ensuring your site is set up correctly from a technical point of view; the content has to be engaging.

These days, it's not about inserting keywords or trying to 'game' Google as they use advanced machine learning and thousands of variables to determine high quality content - it's become way too complex to try to game. If you want to do well, you need to genuinely answer questions.

Content is key

SEO content has to be made a specific way, which makes it generally longer and more detailed, requiring research and time. Not all content being produced will rank highly for SEO, so with each content component it's best to identify the articles that are worth investing in a little more to ensure you're set up for success e.g. potential traffic vs. competition from other websites.

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