Enlighten’s system integration services enable you to identify, develop and implement the most appropriate solutions to your changing requirements. Enlighten can help you connect systems and processes throughout your organisation and optimise the value of your technology investments. The result is a solution that addresses your unique requirements, accelerates return on investment and delivers business results.

  • APL

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    SharePoint Intranet

    Architectural Profiles Limited (APL) is a world leader in window technology and are New Zealand’s foremost window supplier. Operating throughout New Zealand they wanted to develop a single internal system capable of servicing all of their staff’s needs, regardless of where they were based.

    Together, we used SharePoint to develop a single source of truth intranet that integrates with their existing systems and applications, preventing duplication of content because documents are now stored centrally while APL is provided valuable business insights.

  • Genesis

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    SharePoint Intranet

    Genesis Energy has New Zealand’s largest electricity and gas customer base. They generate electricity using diverse methods including gas and coal fired thermal generation and eight hydro power stations and have a 31% stake in the Kupe Joint Venture which owns the Kupe oil and gas field. Managing 650,000 customer connections and diverse industrial generation and extraction sites around the country and keeping staff feeling connected to the organisation requires an efficient modern content management system for their intranet.

    Genesis worked with us to migrate their dated intranet content management system to SharePoint. The intranet’s contemporary look and feel encouraged users to explore, giving a sense of connectedness through news, events and job vacancies. We have also surfaced power generation and customer activity statistics to empower decision makers within the business. Genesis now have a modern intranet built on the power of SharePoint 2013 and they are able to manage content, forms and workflows themselves.

  • WDC

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    Responsive Website

    Waikato District Council (WDC) is committed to creating a district that prides itself on economic excellence, local participation, and sustainable communities. They sought to improve the usability of their website to transform the customer journey into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

    After completing an intensive user experience phase, we built a modern and responsive website that leveraged their existing data sets. Now users have a single point of contact with WDC that allows them to quickly navigate through the site to complete a task or find the information they need.

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