Enlighten Designs has been developing groundbreaking user experiences for our leading software and web based solutions for over a decade. We achieve great results by utilising a multi-disciplinary team which is made up of cognitive scientists, computer scientists, business analysts, graphic designers and information architects. It's this team that focuses on all aspects of User Experience Design (UX), drawing from an in-depth understanding of the information architecture, interaction design, user interface design and usability.

To develop the correct feature requirements and interaction plans based on your user and business goals, we undertake various analysis activities, drawing on the experience of hundreds of successfully delivered user experience projects.

Enlighten Designs approaches UX as a collaborative approach with prototyping and testing happening earlier and more frequently throughout the process. We bring users and other stakeholders in constantly to validate and iterate designs and ensure that the balance between business, marketing goals and user goals are met.


We believe that it is critical to deeply understand the perceptions, influences and motivations of our clients audiences as they begin to engage with their business in order to understand how best to frame the ideal customer experience. Why are we doing this? Who are we doing it for? What needs do they have? How do we meet these needs?

Identifying Persona UX needs

In order to build this unique understanding of experience, influences and motivations, we conduct Service Design activities, which build a deep understanding of the users and their context as per the process below. We always begin by defining the core opportunities or problems you wish to explore.


The Problem or Opportunity Statement

We always begin by defining the core opportunities or problems our clients wish to explore. 

User Journey Mapping

To begin building the human-centred view of the persona experience, we would utilise a user journey map tool that is used across service industries to analyse the customer experience of a customer and to specifically begin to understand the cumulative, end to end experience, rather than isolated, individual interactions at one point in this journey. This perspective also enables organisations to understand where in the journey their customers are experiencing pain or pleasure and where customers have needs which are being unmet by the current experience.


The Value Proposition

We are able to work with the customers to validate and identify their personas. These will inform the direction of the customer journey and website experience.

The easiest way to end up with great services is to focus on nailing the jobs to be done for your customer personas, rather than the traditional process of demographics.

Looking at the jobs-to-be-done from your customer personas point of view causes you to see your business through the eyes of your customer and really understand how you fit into their world. We then extend our clients personas using the value proposition canvas based on the work from Clayton M. Christensen codified by Strategyzer into the value proposition canvas.

Where UX fits in with the development process


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