Great website design requires technical expertise and design flair wrapped in an understanding of business practices.

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The design of your website isn't about making the world a prettier place. A well designed website will deliver you real business value and ensure that the visitors have a positive experience in their engagement with your website, your organisation and your brand.

Our website design solutions range from the design of simple static websites to the design and development of integrated e-commerce websites and web-based custom applications. We design websites that deliver an experience to your visitors and support your business strategies and goals.

Supported CMS technologies

  • sitecore
  • sitefinity
  • silver-stripe
  • umbraco


Enlighten Designs has developed and continue to maintain and support some of the largest and most highly visited websites in New Zealand. With literally hundreds of completed web projects, we are able to bring proven approaches for delivering complex online requirements. The ability to leverage numerous "lessons learned" allows Enlighten Designs to tackle even the most challenging website projects with confidence, expertise and professionalism.

  • Unison

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    Responsive Website Outages Tool

    Unison is focused on delivering a world-class electricity and fibre network services. They saw an opportunity to provide their clients with easily accessible, up to date and accurate power outage information.

    After completing extensive user experience workshops, we worked closely with Unison to develop a responsive website outages tool that focused on providing clients with previously unavailable network outage information and restoration times. Now, clients can engage with Unison easily and access the information they need, leading to a 20% decrease in fault calls to the Unison call centre.

  • eDrive

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    Fleetcoach Application Development

    eDrive is an online driver training company with a mission to make New Zealand roads safer for every driver. Together, we created a self-directed, engaging online driver training program to help organisations improve driving within their organisation.

    The vision was to make the programme feel less like work, and more like fun, allowing the user to intuitively navigate their way through the programme quickly and easily. Now the average completion time of the programme has been reduced by 25% helping users get back on the roads quicker and safer.

  • PKW

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    PKW Land Management System

    Parininihi ki Waitotara (PKW) is a Maori Incorporation in the business of innovative and sustainable farm management. To protect, manage and invest their shareholders’ assets they wanted to develop a land management system that would manage the leases of their farms and track the rent review cycle.

    Together, we worked through their processes to create a robust land management system that was easy to use, allowed exportation of invoices and generated accurate data to ensure there was no inaccurate invoicing. 

  • WDC

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    Responsive Website

    Waikato District Council (WDC) is committed to creating a district that prides itself on economic excellence, local participation, and sustainable communities. They sought to improve the usability of their website to transform the customer journey into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

    After completing an intensive user experience phase, we built a modern and responsive website that leveraged their existing data sets. Now users have a single point of contact with WDC that allows them to quickly navigate through the site to complete a task or find the information they need.

  • Edgewater College

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    Enrollment and News Website

    Edgewater College has a small but thriving community of students and families from around New Zealand and around the world. Having such a large and spread out community made effective communication a challenging necessity.  Their website was dated and no longer met their needs and Edgewater College identified communication with parents and recruitment of international students as key areas for concern.

    Enlighten redesigned Edgewater College’s web site from the ground up. The design is modern and usable, while managing to convey the culture and mana of the school. Using Sitefinity we were able to build a powerful modern interface, facilitating communication with parents. The international student recruitment and enrolment pages were also vastly improved to enable prospective students to find all the information and resources they need to successfully enrol in one place.

  • Power Farming Ltd

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    Parts Direct E-Commerce Website

    From humble beginnings in the Waikato in 1946, Power Farming Ltd has grown to become a major enterprise serving the New Zealand and Australian tractor and machinery markets. Power Farming strives to enhance the lives of their customers by supplying machinery that makes life easier and safer. Drawing on this philosophy, they looked deeper into current processes to focus on new and creative solutions to positively impact not only customers but their extensive network of dealerships as well.

    Power Farming were attracted to Enlighten after hearing of their reputation through word of mouth. We worked with Power Farming to come up with a solution that would move their systems away from an outdated and under-performing e-commerce platform to a modern, well designed and easy to navigate one stop shop. The solution was built on NOPCommerce and hosted on Microsoft Azure to cut costs and development time, allowing a perfect fit solution to be built. Using agile methods, we collaborated closely with Power Farming key stakeholders to ensure an amazing experience was delivered every step of the way.

  • TWOA

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    CMS Enhancements

    Te Wananga o Aotearoa are dedicated to providing holistic education opportunities throughout New Zealand. Transitioning their website to Sitecore, enabled them to improve the customer experience by personalising the website’s interactions, but they needed some help to upskill their internal team.

    Alongside Te Wananga, we upskilled their in-house team and improved the structural design of their Sitecore CMS to enhance the usability and improve the overall experience of the CMS. By leveraging the power of Sitecore, Te Wananga is one step closer to delivering a personalised and engaging website for their users.

  • UCOL

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    SharePoint Intranet

    Universal College of Learning are passionate about inspiring students, businesses and the community through learning. They wanted to continue using SharePoint as the content management system for their customer facing marketing and communication platform but the content was still on SharePoint 2010, was not mobile friendly and did not reflect their modern Brand. Being aware of our knowledge and experience in SharePoint, Universal College of Learning approached Enlighten with a request for a proposal to solve these issues. They chose to partner with us due to our accessibility and our thought leadership around user experience.

    Together we built an attractive, easy to use website, leveraging the power of SharePoint as a content management system and combining it with user experience best practices. The responsiveness of SharePoint 2013 has made mobile browsing a first class experience. We also implemented meta tags, friendly URLs and structured data to improve search engine optimisation. Social media integration is also vital to attracting young students and open graph allowed us to make sure shared pages look great on social media.

  • Biozone

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    Internationalised Web Site

    Biozone International, a New Zealand-based publishing house with offices in Australia, USA and UK, specialise in producing high quality biology resources for high school teachers and students. In order to expand beyond the New Zealand market, Biozone faced many business and technical challenges. After some analysis, it was decided their website was a major roadblock to their expansion into the international market due to differences in currency and taxation. The interface was difficult to work with and customisations required for foreign markets were deemed to be time consuming and expensive.

    Enlighten partnered with Biozone to build a modern, extensible and configurable web site that could easily be rolled out to new markets. With the power of NOPCommerce , we have built an easy to manage, easy to customise e-commerce website that has allowed Biozone to expand into the Australian, UK and USA markets, including dealing with the complicated state-by-state tax laws in the USA. Enlighten and Biozone continue to work together to improve on the amazing work we have done together.


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