How we work

There’s nothing crazy here. We follow a well-practised methodology that provides the greatest chance of success. Every project is a little different, but every project is guided by the same fundamental process.

Here’s how we work.

We assume nothing

We begin by asking questions. Of you, of your users, of the market. Every project is solving one problem or another. Until the problems are clearly understood there is little else we should be doing. We begin every project with a discovery phase where we assess the challenges and opportunities so we can make reliable recommendations and give you a solid delivery plan.

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We make you part of the team

You’re included in all stages of delivery because it’s your solution to your own business challenge or opportunity. A representative from your organisation is invited to be present for planning sessions, daily check-ins and regular showcases to make sure your interests are maintained throughout the delivery process.

Value-focused delivery

You want value for money from the very start, which is why Enlighten works with you to identify top pain points to deliver an immediate solution. This means you can start reaping the rewards while we continue working on the full solution.

Release often to reduce risk

We don’t want your project to suffer the fate of many software applications that aren’t used or don’t return on investment. The best way to mitigate this risk is to schedule frequent “reality checks” throughout the project. How? By releasing completed features to your end users and testing their value. If they prove worthy, we carry on. If not, we adjust while the cost of making changes is still low. 

Continuous Improvement

Our development philosophy boils down to: Got an idea? Build something small. Measure the outcome. Decide what to do next. Repeat.

Faster to market

Incremental delivery equals faster time-to-market, and more value for you. Your higher level of satisfaction as a result gives us a real sense of satisfaction as well. 

Technical partnership

The only thing constant in life is change and technology breaking at the most inconvenient time. Once your project goes live, take advantage of our support offerings and rest easy knowing your investment is taken care of. You’ll get good advice on licencing, purchasing and improvements as well as bug-fixes done super-quick. It’s more a technical partnership than just support.

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