Mobile App Development

We want to keep your business in our pocket.

Not just ours either. Your business should be in everyone's pocket.

The world is on the move.

There's no denying mobile devices are biggest change to the way we use computers and the way we do business. Your customers expect to have the information they need anytime they pick up their mobile device and they expect that information to be served up in a seamless and beautiful way, no matter where they are.

An that's why we focus on your customer when we build an app. We work out who your users are and we literally meet them where they live. Need an app for a dairy farmer? We didn't design that in our office - we got up for 4 a.m. milking. An app for tourists? We designed that while pounding the streets. Using an app at the beach? Well...Hamilton doesn't have beaches, but absolutely tested it by the river.


Tell us your big idea. You could have an app for that.


We design and build powerful mobile applications and here’s the thing - we build it once - for all platforms. You don’t need to make a gamble on which platform will pay off most, you can be on all major platforms with Enlighten and Xamarin.

We are a long running Xamarin certified consulting partner with over seven years experience, giving you confidence that we know what we are doing.


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