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Unlock your business growth opportunities and grab audience attention through mobile development.

The world is on the move.

There's no denying that mobile devices are biggest change to the way we use computers and the way we do business. Your customers expect to have the information they need any time they pick up their mobile device, and they expect that information to be served up in a fast, seamless, and beautiful way, no matter where they are.
And that's why we focus on your customer when we build an app. We work out who your users are and we literally meet them where they live. An app for a dairy farmer? We didn't design that in our office - we got up for 4 a.m. milking’s, and really got involved in the day-to-day of the farmers to help us understand what hurts and what helps. An app for tourists? We designed that while pounding the streets. Using an app at the beach? Well... Hamilton doesn't have beaches, but we absolutely tested it by the river.

We make sure we understand your users, so that we can build the best app for them, to delight them, and keep them coming back for more. We also continue to work with you and your users to ensure everyone is getting the most out of your app, and to provide further features and enhancements as the need arises.


Tell us your big idea. You could have an app for that.

Build once, for all platforms

We build on cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin and React Native, so that your app can be available to all your users, regardless of their preferred platform. And this also means we only have to write it once, rather than having to build and maintain multiple separate versions of your app, giving us more freedom to deliver the absolute best experience that your customers are looking for.

What does this mean for your business?

Reduce development cost by not creating individual native apps for each platform; you can more than halve your cost of development as we only need to write code once!

Reduce the total cost of ownership - maintenance becomes easy with automated testing, letting you know how device changes impact your mobile experience, we can simple make the changes once for everything. 

Pivot and change with the market easily - once you launch your mobile application the data starts pouring in, allowing you to make decisions out team of mobile developers can build and change features in once place, saving you time and money. 
We have over 30 years combined experience in the mobile industry, and have been a Microsoft-certified consulting partner with Xamarin for over seven years, giving you the confidence that we know what we are doing, and that the heart of your business is in good hands.
We also have tons of experience up-skilling clients' mobile development teams, and providing them with the tools, processes, and skills to continue to succeed without us.

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