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Wintec is one of New Zealand’s leading Institutes of Technology. With six campuses throughout the Waikato region, it is also one of the country’s largest. 

At the heart of Wintec is its belief that their success is reflected in the capability and employability of their students. It is this quality that drives Wintec to constantly challenge the landscape that their students, staff and business operate in, pushing themselves to create better experiences for all.

Wintec wanted a partner that would spend time with us, learn our culture, intuitively understand our needs and become a real contributor to our strategy. Enlighten does just that

Brad Vines

Director, Information Technology at Wintec

Applying to enrol for tertiary education is for most, a major life decision. Students are anxious as they take their first leap into the professional world, or can find themselves filled with self-doubt as they consider changing their career path later in life. The decision to apply is just one of many choices facing students during this time. Let’s face it, for those of us that have been in this situation, we could all use a little more support.
Wintec have a genuine customer-centric culture. They understood they had an opportunity to provide an easier, more intuitive online application experience for their students. An experience which would create a lasting first impression.
Their vision was to craft a seamless engagement that would provide timely support throughout the process, allow learners to start the application on their desktops in the morning and finish on their phones at lunch, while simultaneously providing valuable insights to Wintec staff about the journey the applicants are taking.
iPad with Wintec enrollment portal
Wintec and Enlighten share a long and successful partnership, it is this solid foundation that gave us the space to understand Wintec’s vision before we began co-creating a solution.

Together, we delivered a cloud based solution that was built using Microsoft Technologies on the Microsoft Azure platform. This new solution provides integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Wintec’s student management system. While business analytics are provided through Power BI 2.0. This clever integration of data enables Wintec’s enrolment team to easily track the student journey and reach out to them personally when they feel they might need some extra guidance or information.

The outcome is an enhanced online application experience for students that respects their need for easy access, a simple process and personalised support.
iPad with Wintec enrollment portal
Students can now begin their application on one device, data is saved to the cloud, and they can finish on another. The application is custom designed to suit any screen size. They can take advantage of the online chat support which is available as they complete their application, and utilise the range of useful content sent to them, which has been personalised to match their point in the customer journey.

The system is simple for staff to use and allows the team to manage their daily workflow with ease. Wintec’s enrolment team have been excited about the increased opportunities to spend more time adding value to the students.

As an added bonus, since the systems launch there has been a significant drop in paper based applications, saving time and money. The solution means more completed online applications, and in turn more people able to access high quality education in New Zealand.