Enlighten Designs provides complete software development solutions covering all aspects of the product life cycle – project management, interface design, database design, software development, implementation and support.

Many organisations have specific system requirements that cannot be effectively addressed by off the shelf software products. Enlighten Designs' development team are committed to producing successful custom business software individually designed and built to suit your requirements.

Enlighten has well-developed policies for managing software development quality. To aid and support our quest for quality we closely examine how our clients interact with our software. This allows us to identify areas where improvements can be made that will positively impact your satisfaction with our services.

We utilise the latest Microsoft technologies and processes to help ensure we deliver exceptional development solutions every time.

  • Unison

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    Responsive Website Outages Tool

    Unison is focused on delivering a world-class electricity and fibre network services. They saw an opportunity to provide their clients with easily accessible, up to date and accurate power outage information.

    After completing extensive user experience workshops, we worked closely with Unison to develop a responsive website outages tool that focused on providing clients with previously unavailable network outage information and restoration times. Now, clients can engage with Unison easily and access the information they need, leading to a 20% decrease in fault calls to the Unison call centre.

  • Wintec

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    Student Application Experience

    Wintec is one of New Zealand’s leading institutes of technology. Over 10 years, we have forged a strong partnership, so when Wintec saw they had an opportunity to provide an easier and intuitive online enrolment experience, we were able to help.

    Together, we created a seamless web application experience for students and enabled Wintec’s enrolment team to track the application and offer personalised support if necessary. Since launching more applications are being completed online, causing a drop off in costly paper-based applications. 

  • eDrive

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    Fleetcoach Application Development

    eDrive is an online driver training company with a mission to make New Zealand roads safer for every driver. Together, we created a self-directed, engaging online driver training program to help organisations improve driving within their organisation.

    The vision was to make the programme feel less like work, and more like fun, allowing the user to intuitively navigate their way through the programme quickly and easily. Now the average completion time of the programme has been reduced by 25% helping users get back on the roads quicker and safer.

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