Top Five Steps to Activate a Personalised Customer Experience

24 July 2019

Companies now have the power to offer their customers a personalised experience but not all grab the opportunity – and some simply don’t know how.

Sitecore’s recent Partner Advisory Council (PAC) in Kyoto, Japan (which Enlighten CEO Damon Kelly recently attended) offered unique insights into how any business can activate a personalised customer experience.

More about Sitecore’s PAC in Kyoto

Sitecore’s PAC is an opportunity to focus on sharing the Sitecore vision for the future, gain feedback from customers, and announce new product offerings that can help achieve success. Not only was it an inspiring learning event – playing on the same field as world-renowned partners such as Deloitte Digital, Avanade and Ogily is considered a pretty cool achievement for Enlighten Designs!


Five Steps to Activating a Personalised Customer Experience

According to Sitecore, activating a personalised customer experience for your customers can be done in five steps:

  • Get a 360 degree view of your customers
  • Nurture your customers
  • Utilise location-based personalisation
  • Discern your most valuable customers
  • Compare your marketing channels to achieve a cohesive strategy

5 hard truths for marketers

Get a 360 Degree View of Your Customers

It’s easier than ever before to learn about your customers because they’re already sharing so much information with you via social media, videos, and online communities about the products they’re using and the companies they favour (hopefully including yours!). All this information can help build a picture of who your customers are so you can better understand what they want and how you can deliver it to them.

Nurture Your Customers

Nurturing your customers should take place from the time you first engage until long after you’ve made the sale. It’s about building a connection instead of treating potential or existing customers as just a source of revenue.

One way to achieve this is through personalised emails. Despite popular belief, email isn’t dead - in fact, tailored emails can be a great way for businesses to connect and nurture their customers. It’s just a matter of doing it at the right time – say, when a potential or existing customer completes a trigger action such as signing up for a webinar. That’s the perfect opportunity to send a personalised email.

Utilise Location-Based Personalisation

By 2025, it’s estimated that around 3.7 billion people will access the Internet solely using their smartphones. For you, that statistic screams “enormous opportunity".

Using information gleaned from a smartphone, you can personalise messages and tailor offers based on an individual’s location. For instance, Jack is located close to his favourite store so the store’s app sends a message via his phone to tell him there’s a sale on. If you were Jack, wouldn’t you be tempted to check it out on your way past?

Discern Your Most Valuable Customers

Who are your most valuable customers? In a nutshell, the ones you like having around. They aren’t demanding; they communicate clearly and they pay on time.

Good news – today’s technology can not only identify these customers for you abut also create a model so you can search for others with shared traits.

Compare Your Marketing Channels to Achieve a Cohesive Strategy

You gather the stats on open rates for email marketing campaigns and the number of likes for Facebook posts but how do you compare them and discover which one is more effective?

Today’s marketing technologies can give you dashboards that compare and contrast campaign performance so you can see which marketing channels work best to get your message out.

Sitecore: Helping You Activate a Personalised Customer Experience

Sitecore is great for helping you in activating these five steps and achieving personalised customer experiences.

Sitecore effectively gathers customer interaction information to build customer profiles and highlight those most valuable to your business. These profiles can highlight customer purchase volume and type; give comparisons on different marketing channel performances and show real-time engagement between your content and your potential and future customers.All of these factors can help allocate your marketing resources efficiently.

5 hard truths for marketers

“Nurture your leads and customers by setting rules within Sitecore for sending out content.”

By setting rules for when and how personalised content goes out, you can further nurture your customer relationships by sending tailored messaging to either deliver customised content according to location or tailored messaging according to usage.

Enlighten: Helping You Implement Sitecore

Enlighten is a proud Sitecore Gold Partner and has over 20 years of experience delivering outstanding experiences for our customers. To learn more about activating a personalised customer experience for your customers with Sitecore, contact us.

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