Customer Experience Management Strategy: 3 Factors for Success

26 April 2019

What does your customer experience look like? Do your customers find it easy to do business with you, or are they frustrated with the way you do things? If the answer is the latter, what can you do about it? 

The answer is customer experience management. As with any new initiative in the enterprise, customer experience management requires a strategy. Three factors are crucial for customer experience management success: cutting-edge personalisation, streamlined purchasing convenience, and seamless ease of use. 

Cutting-Edge Personalisation

According to a study from Oracle, 74% of executives believe that the customer experience impacts a customer’s willingness to be loyal. What goes into a customer experience that’s either very good or very bad that would have such an impact on loyalty?

One part of great customer experience is feeling as though a company understands you and your needs. When you receive an email that says, “Dear Valued Customer,” you feel as though you’re just a number rather than the valued customer the firm claims you are. That’s where personalisation comes into the picture.

“When you receive emails that say, ‘Dear Valued Customer,’ you feel like anything but.”

Personalising your marketing makes your customer feel as though he or she matters, and that his or her business is important to your company. Yet, how can you personalise each communication with a customer, or tailor the customer experience as a whole at scale?

Today’s marketing technology helps you do just that. Specifically, the combination of Sitecore (a customer experience management platform) and Microsoft Dynamics 364 (a CRM) enable you to individualise the customer experience.

“The combination of Sitecore and Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable you to individualise the customer experience.”

Sitecore lets you control the customer experience at a granular level across all digital channels. Microsoft Dynamics 365 stores customer information and tracks interactions with customers. When you integrate Sitecore into Microsoft Dynamics 365, their individual capabilities are amplified; you can monitor every website visit until you close with the customer. With the information you gather, you can personalise every interaction, be it through email or by serving up tailored recommended products on your site.

Streamlining Purchasing Convenience

Take a second to think about the last time you had a really poor purchasing experience online. Maybe you were on your mobile phone and you couldn’t navigate properly. Perhaps you were surfing on your desktop, and the purchasing process was simply too cumbersome to continue.

When experiences like that take place, you lose customers –plain and simple. The purchasing process should be streamlined and hassle-free. A significant part of accomplishing that is ensuring that your purchasing experience is the same across all channels.

“When customers have negative purchasing experiences, you lose them – plain and simple.”

With Sitecore’s development tools, you can use the content you’ve already created on Sitecore for any content, whether it’s being posted to your mobile site or app or to the “big” screen. Moreover, you can use it for apps that your partners build, ensuring a seamless experience across all of your digital properties.

In addition, Sitecore allows you to manage your inventory in real-time – not just for your digital properties, but your stores and warehouses. There’s little that’s more disappointing during the purchase process than discovering that an item you want isn’t in stock when you click on the link to learn more about it.

“There’s little that’s more disappointing during the purchase process than finding out an item is out of stock.”

Another benefit to a Sitecore/Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration is that you can use the information you’ve stored about your customers to serve up personalised offers during the shopping process. Purchasing becomes much more enjoyable to your customers when they discover they’ll unexpectedly save money.

Seamless Ease of Use

Another crucial part of customer experience management is delivering seamless ease of use. Customers feel frustrated when it’s difficult to use your site, which has a negative effect on your sales. The average e-commerce store loses 75% of its sales to cart abandonment.

However, what if the customer doesn’t even get to the point of the shopping cart? What if the site is too confusing or difficult to navigate in the first place? Making your e-commerce site easy to use is vital to customer experience management.

“Making your e-commerce site easy to use is vital to customer experience management.”

A first step is ensuring your website speaks your customer’s language, literally. Sitecore helps you do that by giving you the capabilities to manage and deliver content in a variety of languages. Customers in emerging markets can feel comfortable shopping without worrying that something is being lost in translation.

Second, your content management system should be easy for developers to use. If your own development team has difficulty navigating your CMS to build sites and apps, you have a problem; they won’t be able to produce an amazing customer experience, and you’ll lose business as a result. When you integrate Sitecore into Microsoft Dynamics 365, you increase the ease of use for both solutions. It’s easier to put the information you’ve stored to good use by launching multichannel campaigns to the right prospects at the right time.

“If your development team has difficulty navigating your CMS, they won’t be able to produce an amazing customer experience.”

Sitecore allows you to create a consistent omnichannel experience; what you see in one place is the same as what you’ll see on another digital property. However, another benefit of Sitecore is that even if you have sites that aren’t powered by Sitecore, you can still utilise tailored content on those sites and track customer interactions, so the customer experience on those sites is not only easy but individualised.

Why Choose Enlighten to Help with Customer Experience Management?

If you want to better manage your customer experience, consider choosing Enlighten. We have over 20 years of experience helping our clients satisfy their own customers with simple, seamless, personalised digital experiences.

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